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Activities in Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta, an activity loaded destination with the latest in eco tourism and the exotic array of nightlife and fine dining of a cosmopolitan city is full of fabulous beaches, tropical weather, sporting activities including golf, fishing, the latest zip lining, and of course all sorts of water sports all within reach of the town.

One visit to Puerto Vallarta and you will understand why it is our FEATURED DESTINATION and widely considered the Mexican destination with the most fun. Listed below are descriptions of activities we’ve experience or heard rave reviews on and can be set up with our ground transportation manager once you’re in Puerto Vallarta.


Day Sailing
If you have never sailed before, this is your opportunity to learn. Before departing, a short briefing on the basics of sailing is offered. The rest of the day can be as interactive as you choose it to be. Adventure seekers will welcome the opportunity to swim and snorkel in Banderas Bay, and if weather permits, they stop at a beautiful beach where you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the protected waters of a secluded cove.

For the less energetic, this is a day to just lie back on one of our many cushioned mattresses. There is simply not a better way to take in the tropical rays, sip an ice-cold beverage, and enjoy the sounds of the sea punctuated by the song of the wind and the billowing sails. Without a doubt, sailing is the ultimate way to catch a glimpse of wild dolphins, humpback whales, manta rays, and turtles. Wild dolphins love nothing more than to swim alongside a silently gliding sailboat, and you will delight in their antics as they play in our wake. This day combines pure, unadulterated sailing pleasure with absolute pampering. Vallarta Adventure's friendly crew scrupulously attends to the smallest details to ensure that your sailing experience is the adventure of a lifetime!


Canopy Tours aka Zip Lining
Just forty-five minutes from Puerto Vallarta, in the heart of the tropical forest of the Sierra Madre Mountains, lies a private eco-reserve, a biological paradise where you will discover a stunning profusion of Mexico's tropical flora and fauna. Canopy Tour gives you the opportunity to experience this amazing wilderness from a unique perspective.

On this spectacular eco-adventure tour you will experience what can only be described as a pulse-stopping view of one of the most beautiful and complex biological communities on earth. Feel the rush of adrenalin pump through your veins as you whoosh from platform to platform, 90 ft (30 meters) above the forest floor! A series of thrilling zip lines gives you the maximum opportunity to marvel at the stunning, tropical setting as you effortlessly traverse through the huge tropical trees, amongst wild orchids and a diversity of native birds and reptiles.
Safety is our top priority.

Canopy Tour was designed and built by "The Original Canopy Tour" of Costa Rica, who has the best safety record in the industry. All of our guides have been extensively trained and we insist on having only the best equipment with not one, but two safety ropes for your added security. Participants are under the constant care and supervision of highly qualified personal who have received over 200 hours of formal training in Canopy Tour operations and safety techniques, and we use only top-quality equipment that is regularly and rigorously inspected and maintained. Our knowledgeable guides will assist you every step of the way - from the time you leave the ground, until you rappel back down to the forest floor. There has never been a more exciting way to explore the depths of the tropical rainforest!

For thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike, this amazing adventure travel experience is one of the most popular ecological jungle tours in Puerto Vallarta - so book your Canopy Tour now! Roundtrip ground transportation is included in the price of your Canopy Adventure.!


Rhythms of the Night
Rhythms of the Night is an amazing journey that will transport you to a spiritual land that time forgot. A scenic sunset cruise across Banderas Bay takes you to the isolated cove of Las Caletas, where flickering torches, gently lapping seas and swaying palms set the mood for a mesmerizing performance deep within the tropical forest that will captivate your heart and leave you breathless.

Only accessible by sea, Las Caletas is a tropical beach hideaway that by night is transformed into a magical paradise - and the perfect setting for our exclusive evening excursion, Rhythms of the Night. The adventure begins with a breathtaking cruise across Banderas Bay. As the sun sinks into the Pacific Ocean and darkness descends, you will enjoy a privileged view of the scattered lights that glitter along Puerto Vallarta's coastline. The lights fade into darkness, and your voyage continues under the star-studded sky - until a flicker of torches guide us to the secluded haven of Las Caletas.

Upon arrival, you will feel like you have taken a step back to a time of pagan mysticism and legend. Soothing music mingles with the song of the jungle as you follow a torch lit path that leads you past live portrayals of forgotten rituals and customs. The enticing aroma of grilled steak, chicken and fish lure you towards secluded beach side tables bathed in the soft glow of candles where you can enjoy your fill accompanied by freshly prepared vegetables, salads and handmade tortillas. You will savor every moment of this unique dining experience as the ocean laps at your feet, palms sway overhead, and your waiter silently caters to your every whim. Lingering over coffee and dessert, the pulsing beat of native drums summon you to our outdoor amphitheater. Here, hidden at the edge of the tropical jungle a torch lit pyramid sets the mood for a hypnotic performance that will keep you spellbound.

The stories of an ancient civilization are revealed through music and modern dance as one of Mexico's most innovative contemporary dance troupes take you on a magical and mystical journey. After the show, wrap up a perfect evening with a nightcap while dancing under the stars on the short cruise back to your point of departure. This exclusive excursion is distinctly different from other nightlife venues in Puerto Vallarta - an enchanted evening that you will never forget!!


A day at Las Caletas, our own exclusive coastal hideaway, offers an incomparable time of utter self-indulgence. This has to be one of the most enchanting coastal havens in the world!
The natural beauty of Las Caletas was originally discovered by the famous film director John Huston, who lived here for many years. No visitor could ever disagree with Mr. Huston’s taste in choosing this refuge from the cares of the world. Only accessible by sea, Las Caletas stands out against a steep, jungle-clad backdrop of green canopies. This well secluded tropical nature preserve awaits your discovery. One hour’s sea cruise to paradise ensures that you witness some of the most dramatic coastal scenery that Vallarta has to offer!

If pure relaxation is your personal desire, then Las Caletas is the perfect setting: Comfortable hammocks are hidden in shady spots for your discovery and enjoyment. As you rest, the gentle lapping of the surf on our private golden beach beckons you to take a closer look. At Las Caletas you will recall the breathtaking wonders of nature and to appreciate our prolific flora and bird life. Free guided nature walks through the jungle and unique orchid gardens. Also provided are interactive deer and parrot centers.

Guided kayak tours, snorkeling tours, and scuba diving courses ensure that you will not miss out on the array of sea life inhabiting our natural cove. The height of self-indulgence is to take a therapeutic body massage or facial at our hilltop spa center. The spa sanctuary offers unparalleled views and warm sea breezes to compliment our completely natural de-stress therapy. Las Caletas is, purely and simply, a safe haven from civilization and Mexico’s answer to the Garden of Eden.!

Swim with the Dolphins
The highlight of a visit to Dolphin Adventure is the rare opportunity to swim and play with a beautiful bottlenose dolphin. The 90-minute experience begins with an educational presentation that will give you a deeper understanding of the dolphins' physiology, environment and the training techniques we use to communicate with these amazing animals. Following the orientation, small groups of guests begin their thrilling in-water dolphin experience. As you become acquainted with our dolphins through hugs, kisses and rubdowns, you will notice that the dolphins enjoy interacting with you. Then, taking the relationship one step further, you can swim and play with your dolphin... maybe even take an exciting belly ride or dorsal tow!

Jeep and ATV Tours
If you have a need for speed and desert driving this is the adventure for you.


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